COVID-19 Vaccinations

There still is no cure for COVID-19, so getting vaccinated is important to help lessen the effects of the virus and to prevent infected people from getting hospitalized. As our communities open up, infection rates will rise and fall for many different reasons. Vaccination numbers and boosted vaccination numbers for multi-ethnic communities continue to be low, so AHANA interviewed members of Spokane’s multi-ethnic community to ask them their thoughts on getting vaccinated. Additional videos are being produced and will be posted as they are completed.

Dr. Mwangi on COVID-19 vaccinations for AHANA
Mamdouh El-Aarag Discusses Religion and the COVID-19 Vaccine

AHANA received a Department of Health contract to encourage vaccinations within the multi-ethnic communities and dispel miscommunication with content provided by the department. We developed 4 information documents on the vaccine as well as an influencer campaign as part of our work. Our COVID-19 Support Team asked businesses to distribute the 4 vaccine documents.

Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19 (Dari)
Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19 (Marshallese)
Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19 (Nepali)
Getting Vaccinated for COVID-19 (Pashto)

For a video series on COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in BIPOC communities, please visit this link.

Business Leaders Get Vaccinated

Kim’s Korean (Korean)
For many restaurants like Kim’s Korean, the pandemic put a lot of financial pressure on the family business. Sam Lee and their mom, Chong-Lim, explain the privileges of having access to the vaccine and how the vaccine can help everyone.
KC Stir Fry (Hmong)
Khouaneng Xiong, owner and chef at KC Stir Fry felt good after he got vaccinated. The safety of going to work and being close to his family, friends, co-workers, and community was well worth the shot.
The Gilded Lily (Tiếng Việt)
Toi Mulligan encourages us to get vaccinated to help prevent sickness and spreading disease. Though funeral flowers are good for business, it’d be sad to see our loved ones go just because they weren’t vaccinated.
Inland Curry
Noreen Hiskey shares how getting vaccinated has helped get her life back to normal both inside and outside of the kitchen. Regular interaction with customers, employees, and food has en-curry-ged (encouraged, in case you didn’t find it punny) to get vaccinated.
Thinking Cap Communications and Design
When it comes to personal health, Marvo Reguindin takes extra care by being fully vaccinated, and continuing to physical distance and wear masks in crowds. The spread of the virus and its variants can’t be predicted, but they can be controlled with more people vaccinated.

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