Volunteer Position Description

AHANA is a Spokane based, multi-ethnic business non-profit organization that supports and promotes Inland Northwest multi-ethnic and multi-cultural businesses and their communities. The organization is recruiting volunteers with leadership experience or seeks to gain such experience and who identifies with our stated vision, values, and organizational purpose to serve on the board of directors.

To Apply

To apply, upload a letter of interest, resume, and contact information for at least two client or employer references as Word or PDF documents. Please make sure your last name is part of the file name. For example: M.Sanchez-resume.pdf

If available, you may also upload brief examples of related work projects you have contributed to, such as presentation materials, blogs, videos, policies, budgeting, grant proposals, etc. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until filled.

BOD Application

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Who You Are

You are a confident, adaptable, active listener and communicator, skilled at forming empathetic bridges and change-committed networks. You are able to scan complex systems and situations and understand the underlying political and power dynamics at work in high stakes situations. You are committed to AHANA’s organizational values and are resilient, diplomatic, and able to engage with authenticity and humor in meeting challenging situations.

We specifically hope to partner with someone who has:

  1. A demonstrated commitment to and prior engagement with racial, economic, and social justice and an understanding of the ways in which institutions and systems informed by conscious and unconscious bias harm individuals who are Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. This includes an awareness of how racism intersects with, and compounds harm caused by other forms of oppression.
  2. A nuanced understanding of organizational structures, including management and positional authority roles and functions and human resource functions
  3. Experience directly supporting organizations through equity and inclusion-focused transformational change work, including the development of equity assessment/audits and equity action plans, and/or strategic planning work centered on equity and inclusion
  4. A strong and supportive business and professional mindset, including the ability to deliver difficult messages with both directness and compassion, and to hold positional authority leaders accountable to commitments and action
  5. Strong oral and written communication skills
  6. Demonstrated self- and other- awareness, including a proven ability to facilitate healing, learning, and growth through conflict resolution and problem-solving
  7. Experience effectively supporting managers and supervisors to bring equity analyses to core business functions including recruitment, hiring & retention, technology delegation of work and ongoing performance management.
  8. A demonstrated ability to develop productive and accountable relationships with current and potential partners, including corporate partners, other capacity builders, and groups by and for people who have intersected with the governmental and corporate business system and who have been harmed by racism, poverty, and other forms of oppression
  9. Lived and/or professional experience working within Black, Indigenous, and communities of color or other communities who have historically been harmed by structural oppression in business and workplace.

Who We Are

AHANA was formed in 1998 as a trusted organization to support and engage multi-ethnic and multi-cultural business owners and working professionals. The organization addressed business needs and provided solutions for those businesses to become successful in the Inland Northwest.

AHANA went dormant in 2009 when AHANA’s executive director when Ben Cabildo was hired by Community Minded Enterprises (CME) — AHANA became a CME program with the hire, but it was never funded. In 2018, a small group of original AHANA members began meeting to reboot the organization under the guidance and leadership of Ben Cabildo and Marvo Reguindin who had been the General Manager for Inland Northwest Business Alliance. The new AHANA board re-established its state non-profit status under the name Multi-Ethnic Business Association (MEBA) and is doing business as AHANA because of the strong name awareness it has in Spokane.

AHANA envisions a world where no one lives outside of the circle of human concern. We see thriving and inclusive communities, a transformed business community that no longer harms Black, Indigenous, and communities of color and instead helps create a world that is just and equitable, and an environment where minority businesses can thrive.

As we face the interlocking and persistent crises of COVID-19, virulent racism, and deepening poverty we are presented with opportunities for transformational change unimaginable prior to this past year. Consistent with this is AHANA’s commitment to bring together business owners and professionals from communities most harmed by systemic racism and structural oppression with the partnership, professional access, and access to business and contracting opportunities

The association’s goals are to provide assistance in accessing working capital for start-ups, business retention and expansion. Assists in business counseling, training, educating and accessing information and resources. Assists by creating awareness of AHANA’s business presence in the Inland Northwest. Encourage networking opportunities by developing partnerships with government, organizations and the business community through supplier diversity programs. Promotes workforce diversity to expand employment opportunities for AHANA professionals