Response to the Murder of George Floyd

The AHANA Multi-Ethnic Business Association Board of Directors would like to express our strong condemnation of the Minneapolis Police Officers whose uncalled-for manner of restraint, and lack of sensitivity and human compassion, has led to the senseless death of George Floyd, an African American man who was buying groceries.

This is the latest of far too many racist murders of African American men by law enforcement and it must stop.

The Minneapolis Police Department did the right thing by taking swift action in firing the four officers involved. And, we support having criminal charges brought against the officer directly responsible for George Floyd’s murder.

We applaud Police Chief Miedl for quickly making a statement of support to Spokane’s African American and People of Color communities. It is our hope that all communities of the Inland Northwest will follow suit by showing their outrage of this and similar past events.

And lastly, we offer our condolences to George Floyd’s family, relatives, and friends. We pray that this will not happen again, but sadly we know how shallow thoughts and prayers have become in America.

Eric Garner cried out “I can’t breathe” when a police officer put an arm lock around his neck in 2014. Six years later, George Floyd also cried out “I can’t breathe”, and sadly, today, neither can we.

AHANA Board of Directors

PDF version of this statement is available for download here.