AHANA Statement on Spokane Chief Health Officer Dr. Bob Lutz

We write to strongly condemn any attempt to remove Spokane Chief Health Officer, Bob Lutz. Dr. Lutz has managed our community health with compassion and care since the beginning of the pandemic. As a business organization, we want to make sure that we have a health officer who puts the safety of our community as their priority and who will not be swayed by the politics of the day. Dr. Lutz should be commended and not condemned nor fired for doing his job. We asked that county officials cease all attempts to remove him and honor his contract. The health of our community should not be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Thank you.

Ben Cabildo, President
Marvo Reguindin, Vice President
Nina George, Treasurer
Maria Gutierrez, Secretary
Sanya Ala
Francis Adewale
Nima Michael
Dennis Mitchell
Yvonne Montoya Zamora
Raymond Reyes
Michael Spencer
Victor Vera
Sandra Williams