AHANA Small Business & Non-Profit Incubator Application

The AHANA Small Business Incubator provides start-up entrepreneurs access to culturally relevant stable learning environments and business resources. Business owners need to apply for the program which will last 12 months.

For Incubator members, AHANA will provide the following at no charge:

  1. Office space and access meeting rooms
  2. Office equipment such as printers, copiers, and computers with Microsoft business software. (Specialized software for your industry will not be provided.)
  3. In-house networking and collaboration with other entrepreneurs in the business incubator co-working space.
  4. Business Training and one-on-one mentorship.
  5. Access to other business resources such as financial and legal partners and other support service providers.
  6. Networking opportunities with potential business-to-business customers and consumer communities.

Criteria for Incubator Applicants

  1. Must be a U.S. citizen
  2. Financially disadvantaged
  3. Committed to 12 months of training
  4. Dedicated to your business
  5. Use of good judgment
  6. Be competent to work on your own
  7. Experienced in the trade or industry of your business

Expectations from the Incubatees

  1. Sign an incubator tenancy contract.
  2. Purchase Lessor Legal Liability Insurance
  3. Willing to do 1×1 business counseling.
  4. Attend MANDATORY  in-house business training
  5. Respect the facility, AHANA staff, and other incubatees.
  6. Complete business feasibility study in 6 months of incubation.
  7. Write a business plan at the end of the year.
  8. Complete quarterly assessment meeting
  9. Attend meetings with the incubator cohort
  10. Attend business incubator graduation event.
  11. Attend business incubator alumni events/networking/mentorship
  12. Encourage others to apply for the AHANA Business Accelerator Program after graduation

If you agree with the expectation of being an incubatee, fill out the application and prepare for an interview.

The AHANA Business Incubator program is made possible through an American Rescue Plan Act grant provided by the Spokane County Board of Commissioners, RFP number P2341 Category 2:  Negative Economic Impacts:  Assistance to Impacted Nonprofit Organizations.

(Please submit your UBI number.)
(example: Sole Prop/LLC/Corp)
(Please list the services or products your business provide?)
(Did you self fund your business, do you have a business loan or other?)
(How will the business incubator help your business?)
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